Hey Look, Its ME!

OK,  I owe you a blog about the happenings as of late!  Lets see…. On October 11th I got a call saying there was water pouring out of my house.  I rushed home and sure enough there was.  The living area is above my garage and well, long story short, the washing machine hose busted and water shot out for HOURS!  The whole second level was dust.  So, after the cleanup, I was left to repair the damage.  The house was needing a new kitchen anyway, so she is getting one.  Along with new paint, floors, counters, etc…

In the meantime, Vera and I have been staying at my moms.  It is hard not being in out own space, but luckily, for Vera and I, so long as we have each other we make do 🙂  The house should be all put back together December 1.  That is my target date and I am pushing hard to keep it!

So, besides the flooding, Vera celebrated a 3rd birthday!  She continues to blossom at an unbelievable rate!  She talks so much now.  I don’t know how I was ever worried.  She is happy to tell you she is THREE now and loved celebrating her birthday.

Aunt Tessie and Nana with the Birthday Girl

Trike Races!!

Birthday Singing

Blowing out the candles. Well Nyah’s candle since she already blew out her 3!

Mommy and her Princess!

Tomorrow I will be posting a little something for the holidays.  Stay tuned, you won’t want to miss it!

And a little video of my brave confident and super STRONG daughter….


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