About Me

I am single and 38 years old.

In February 2006, after the  birth of my nephew, I decided that I was ready to be a mother.  I researched and decided International Adoption was the best path for me.  I was about to start a home study to adopt from Russia and got to thinking IA may be too hard.  So, I decided to persue fertility treatments.

After LOTS of failure and time down that road, in October 2009 I decided to follow my original desire and persue IA.  I began that journey and had every intention of adopting from Kaz.  In April 2010 Kaz closed down.  I waited and waited and decided to switch to Russia in October 2010.  I was registered in the Stavropol region in January 2011.  In June 2011 I recieved a referral for a beautiful little girl born October 2009.  God knew his plan and led me straight to my Daughter.  On July 4, 2011 I met Vera for the first time.  I spent a week in Russia and headed home to complete the complicated dossier.  In September 2011 I returned for court.  Court was September 26/27.  The Judge said yes and waived the 10 day waiting period.  On the 28th of September I had custody of Vera.  We spent the 29th and 30th in Moscow and and we were home in the US on October 1st 2011!

Vera is the most amazing little girl and I am so BLESSED.  I know God knew what he was doing this whole time!  It all led me straight to her and I couldn’t be more happy.

My mantra thru all of this was “Where there is a will there is a way”.  I worked hard, saved and borrowed and made it thru.  I always knew I would find my way to you my dear Vera.  Momma Loves You The Mostest…..

If you want to email me fee free!  twathy2002@yahoo.com


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Tracey, reading this made my eyes well with tears, for all you have been through, but mostly for your conviction to find your way to your child. It’s amazing how we keep coming back to what our initial thoughts are. I am so happy you introduced yourself to me so now I can live my journey again through your journey. I wish you the best of luck on your grand adventure to your child in Kazakhstan!
    best wishes …

  2. Hi Tracy,
    Nice to meet another WHAL family. You must be on the west coast. We live in central CA, but we are originally from Texas (Travelin’ Texans). Good luck as you wait for everything to happen. There is so much out of our control but it is all worth it in the end!

  3. Hello,
    Your journey to motherhood is similar to mine in some ways. I´m not single, but after two years of IUIs and IVFs, we´re on our way to adopting. I like your frankness and openness in your blog! Keep writing. May you be a mummy very soon!!!

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