Getting Back to this Blog

HELLO THERE!!!  I know I know its been months.  I have some good reasons and a lot to share so go grab a snack and get comfy….  Ready ok.

So, last I blogged about our life, I gave you the 3rd Birthday rundown.  At that time we were still at my moms.  Remember, the house had flooded from the busted rubber washer hose??  Well fast forward to December and the house was FINALLY done.  So, what did I have done?  Well the whole house was repainted, the kitchen was gutted and remodeled, the downstairs bath got new tile and the whole downstairs got new floors.  The last things to do now are refinish the Master bath vanity and Vera’s vanity and replace the countertops with leftover granite from the kitchen.  Oh and install those pesky laundry doors 🙂  I am sure I will think of a few other things as time goes on, but for now, Vera and I love everything about the house and are VERY happy with the change.  Here are a couple of pix:

Before View

Before View

After View

After View

Before View

Before View

After View

After View

Christmas came and we decided to have my family over Christmas Eve to show everyone the house.  It was fun to have everyone here.  That never happens.  My sister cooked up a storm and we ate, chatted, opened gifts and had it was great.  After everyone left, we headed to my sister’s house to spend the night.  Christmas morning the kids woke up and that was a blast!  Vera was SO excited that Santa brought her exactly what she asked for.  What was that you ask?  Why a pink train and a new blanket of course!

Mommy and Vera Christmas Morning

Mommy and Vera Christmas Morning

Vera with her new blanket from Santa

Vera with her new blanket from Santa

New Years came and my dear friend Julie was turning 40 on NYE.  We normally go to her house and celebrate her bday and NY.  But this year, I just wasn’t feeling good.  I even got dressed, drove there and ended up heading back home before I even entered the party.  So, in lieu of a party, it was Vera, my niece Ava and myself.  The girls made it til 11:50.  They tried 🙂  I made it til 12:10!  LOL

The month of January was pretty busy.  I had two weddings to shoot and an engagement session.  In between, just normal life stuff.  Running here and there, dealing with the flu that got me, and making time for naps and snuggles on rainy days.

Vera is doing AMAZING.  She is talking so much and all the time.  Nonstop.  She loves to draw and is presently obsessed with all things princess.  She received a Cinderella costume and glass slippers for her 3rd birthday from Aunt Deb and she would wear those each and every day if she could.  She has learned to write her name and we are working on neatness and fitting it in the space for her Valentine’s cards for friends at school.  We are even having some friends over on the 15th for a Valentines Party as Vera calls it.  My girl loves a party!

She is still doing gymnastics.  She did change gymnastic schools.  Not because the old school was bad or not good enough.  We changed to a school that is owned by a Ukrainian family.  There are lots of Russian families there.  Vera LOVES it.  They love Vera as well.  She walks in and tells everyone “priviet” and when she leaves she says “paka paka”  The moms and grandmothers like to talk to her in Russian and Vera smiles and nods a yes or no.  Who knows if she knows what they are saying but they seem to be satisfied with her response.  She no longer is nervous on the little balance beam and will go across no problem.  She is great on the trampoline and can forward roll all over the place on her own.  Coach Anatoliy (he isn’t her coach yet but he watches her and greets us with a huge smile each week when we get there) even told his wife that Vera is very good and an amazing listener.  And I would have to agree.  Two weeks ago we spoke to one of the grandmothers and I shared with her Vera was adopted and she asked what part of Russia.  I told her and she quickly responded that she LOVES that area of Russia and vacationed there several times.  She then proceeded to tell me, “Your daughter, she is really russian, you must keep her in gymnastics.  It is in her blood to be here”.  LOL!

Vera has been home now 16 months.  She and I are mother and daughter and have a special bond that is so much stronger than I ever would have imagined.  When she crawls in my arms for hugs and love or we snuggle to watch a little TV, it is in those moments that I realize how lucky I am.  Part of why I was so quiet these past months is the adoption ban really did a number on me.  It made me so sad yet so grateful that I have my daughter.  It was all I could do to get thru each day without being overwhelmed at the thought of the children still there, waiting for their family.  A few weeks ago, Vera was taking a bath and randomly said, “I sad at baby house.  I wait for my mommy at baby house and you come back for me.  I get happy”.  When she said that my heart hurt and broke for all the children and families that will never be.  I am still praying that those that met their babies will be allowed court so that they can bring their babies home.

So, that is the latest and greatest in a summary overview on us.  I promise to be more regular.  I have a list of all things Vera coming up!  Have a great day everyone!!


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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

My sweet Verochka…..

Dearest Vera,

It is hard to believe that it has been one year since you and I began our forever.  I remember so clearly the details of that day.  I remember waking from the little sleep I got knowing that today was the day I got to be your mommy in person and not just in dreams or on paper.  As the van drove those bumpy 2.5 hours to your orphanage, I prayed for you and for the sadness you would be feeling.  I wondered how the next days, weeks and months would be.  When we pulled up to the entrance I walked to the directors office. I went thru the formality of “signing you out” of Mashuk Baby House.  It had been your home since that day in February 2010.  It was the only home in your memory and they cared greatly for you for the past 19 months.  You were 23 months old.  You spent 19 months there and sadly, you had no possessions.  That broke my heart.  I walked thru the gardens of the orphanage to your room.  There you waited with the caregivers working that shift. We were late and it was dinnertime.  Your groupa was in the front room and the caregivers wanted to say goodbye and feed you one last bottle of porridge.  I came to know these women and in ways I would miss their faces, their russian chat and even smiles as we played charades to communicate during my visits.  They were kind enough to show me things like what kind of food you were used to eating, what you didn’t like to eat or drink and how to dress you warm enough.  If they only knew you we were headed to California in a couple of days.  A place where we hardly wear socks and we swim in the ocean and run wildly thru parks chasing birds and ducks without hats and sweatshirts.

I dressed you in your new clothes and the caregivers oohed and awed.  It really made them happy to see you in a big bow.  I passed out bracelets to them with your name in Cyrillic and then the english translation “Faith” for them to have and remember you by.  Some pictures were taken and it was time to go.  You hugged them, not really knowing what a hug was. I put you down and you wanted to hold hands.  We walked to the door and you never once cried or looked back.  You were eager to go with me and on toward your new life.

That drive to the airport was a little tough.  You were frightened of the car.  But you snuggled into my chest and found your spot.  I knew it was going to be okay that moment.  I knew you trusted me.  It was like that moment our hearts touched and fused together.

My sweet daughter.  I had imagined the first year would be tough and full of tantrums and adjustments.  As I look back, for me, the hardest part was the jet lag and the tired I felt that first month home.  The lack of sleep for 10 days in Russia, actually MONTHS of lack of sleep, because the time leading up to court was not very restful and it all finally hit me.  I can count your tantrums over the past year on one hand.  You have slept peacefully and soundly in your bed each night since that first night home.  You try new foods and like most things.  You have embraced being loved and your new life and family.  Watching you learn and grow has been the most amazing experience.  I look at you that day September 28, 2011 and I look at you today and so much has happened.  All for the good.

I hope one day when you are old enough to read this blog, you will see how much you mean to me.  This has been the most amazing year of my life.  Being your mommy was the greatest gift I was ever given.  It feels like you have always been here.  My heart has expanded in size with love in a way that I never imagined was possible.  When you smile at me my whole world lights up.  When you run to hug me I melt to moosh.  You make me a better person.  When I get tired from work or when I stay up late editing pictures for clients, I simply look over at a picture of you and I am inspired to press on.  We  have so many more family days to celebrate and memories to make.  I can’t wait.

Vera Rose.  Vera meaning Faith.  Rose for the resilient nature of the rose-bush.  Forget to water it and it often sits dormant, not dead.  Feed it and it grows beautiful flowers.  I promise to keep watering you my sweet daughter.  Tonight we will clink clink our glasses, eat macaroni and cheese and have cake to celebrate this special day.  But not before we hit the park to run, play and ride the merry-go-round 100 times.

6 Weeks

Well today marks 6 weeks as a family.  If I haven’t said it before, I am saying it now.. BEST WEEKS OF MY LIFE!  Vera makes me smile every day.  She is goofy and silly and loves to laugh.  When I look back at her 6 weeks ago vs today, she has physically changed so much (obviously) but also emotionally.  Here is a visual of her physical change:

My sister had her baby 2.5 weeks early.  Deb went into labor on Friday and Nyah was born at 4:01pm and weighed in at 9lbs.  My sister makes some  big babies… no diabetes, jut big babies.  Here is a little pic:

Anyway, since that happened, I started back at work on Monday PT.  I am working 10-3.  I was hoping to get away with 2 days a week, but this week.. well its just a crazy week so I will be working Mon-Thurs.  My mom is watching Vera for me.  Vera cries when I leave but my mom says she quiets down shortly after the door closes.  Then, when I return, she sees me and runs quickly to my arms and gives kisses.  She misses me and it makes my heart sad, melt and happy at the same time.  Soon as I am there, she wants me and only me and boy does that make me feel special 🙂  I am so blessed that for Vera and I, the bonding went well.

Vera loves pretend play so for Xmas I have bought her a play kitchen for the play area.  She will  be so excited!  She also loves playing mommy to her dolls.  She continues to love dressing up and all doing all things girlie.  Animals .. loves them.  I did make a little video for Orphan Sunday that I posted on Face*Book.  Here it is in case you want to watch it ~

Overall, things are going great.  Vera is still trying new foods.  She has her off days.  Like today, she acted like she didn’t want the spaghetti, but then again she did want the spaghetti.  I am sure part of it is me being gone for 5 hours of the day.  Oh and drink wise.  WoW.  We have made strides.  She will drink some juice upon waking in the morning (50/50 apple juice and water).  Then she drinks water the entire rest of the day.  Then she has a night time bottle of pediasure and it is off to bed (8:30-9pm).  What else.  Not many more fears.  She still whines a bit at the vacuum.  But things like the hand held vac, blowdryer, etc.  Don’t cause panic anymore.  Play doe.  Well, she hates it and pretty much thinks it will kill her or eat or or something.  She screams bloody murder when I bring it out.  My friend suggested we make it from scratch together.  So I will try that.  I will also have Ava and Ryan play with it in front of her so she can see that it isnt so scary.  What else, she is babbling A LOT more.  We have a speech therapist eval on Monday.  I am curious to see how that goes.

Thanksgiving is coming and this year there is so much to be thankful for.  The holidays are going to be so different this year.  I will actually decorate and partake in all holiday cheer!  It is so amazing to me that after all the years of trying and waiting.. she is HERE.  Here with me and with a family.  Alright, this post has taken me ALL DAY to compose and I am going to sit down and watch some TV before I head to bed!  HUGS!


So, after two weeks home together we seem to be getting into a routine.  Vera continues to do well and continues to understand so much more than I could have hoped for.  We normally take a walk in the afternoon to the park.  Good exercise for Vera and for Mommy.  Well yesterday, we were playing on the grass and an older man and his grand-daughter walked into the park.  He was talking and it sounded familiar, and Vera noticed it too.  We both heard “OPAH” as he swung her on the swing and there it was, Russian.  She instantly wandered over there to hear what was going on.  He didn’t speak a word of English and my Russian is so bad.  He was asking how old and I told him 2 and his grand-daughter was 18 months.  I told him Vera understands Russian and I think he understood what I said because he spoke to her in Russian, she smiled and clapped her hands.  After that I wondered what she thought.  I wondered if she was happy to hear some familiarity.  I wondered if it made her sad at all.  After the park we headed home and our fun times continued.  We had dinner and a blow-out so bath came early last night.

Today we have her Dr appt at 9:45.  Curious to see how that goes.  Tomorrow I have a work appt that I committed to ages ago (a health fair) so I will be leaving Vera with my mom.  I had a health fair last friday and left Vera with my sister.  But I am more worried with my mom.  Not because I don’t trust her, but Vera knows Deb more.  Let’s see how it goes.  I know Vera will be good.

More tidbits on V in list format:

1.  Vera still love music.  She loves to dance and we do it often

2.  Vera is trying more and more food.  I am working on adding texture and chewing and it is going well.

3.  Vera enjoys feeding herself alongside me feeding her at times.  Like if we have lunch I slice a banana and she likes to try to grab it with her fork or her fingers 🙂

4.  We are still juice and water only. Though when I was in Russia I had bought several juices and we tried one (apple and I think it is orange) and she loved it.

5.  Vera LOVES water and bath-time is no longer a struggle.

6.  We had a busy Saturday last weekend and Vera did great at the parties.  Though bedtime was tough that night.  She couldn’t get comfortable, she wanted me, she didn’t want me.  But finally, after an hour or so of  back and forth, I picked her up and rocked her to sleep.  Sunday we stayed mellow and it was just she and I.

7.  We have  been working on saying YES and shaking our head YES because NO is one of her favorite words and she loves to shake her head NO many times, and well, we need a bit more YES in our lives 🙂

8.  Vera will turn down food just by looking at it.  Now I understand my mother when she would say, “just try it”.

9.  Vera may turn down said food, but if it is on my plate, she will want a taste.  HILARIOUS

10.  Vera also loves farm animals.

11.  Vera no longer cries in the car seat.  Most times it is a pleasant experience.  But, sometimes, she reaches out for me to hold her.  Obviously I am driving and I can’t and I tell her that.  She then gets this zoned look.  It reminds me of her very quiet “orphanage” self and it makes me very sad.  I can’t even talk to her when she is in the zone as it is like she doesn’t hear me.  I reach out at stop lights to touch her leg, and get her attention or reassure her, but most times, she stays in that place in her head.  But, once we get out, we hug and the world is right again.

12.  Vera will be turning 2 in a couple of weeks.  We will have a small family get together.  I think a party is just too much at this point.  But there will be streamers, cake, and Mommy will be calling up Famous Da*ves for some BBQ ~

13.  I can’t stop shooting video and pictures.  I want to capture every single moment and smile.  I know that is impossible.  I have so much video but I know one day she will love to watch it all.

14.  Vera loves to watch herself on video and she giggles when she sees herself giggle.

15.  Vera has called me momma once.  She will repeat any other word I say except that one.  She is doing this thing where she touches my chest and says something close to momma and then touches her chest and says Vera.

So, there goes a little summary of the past few days.  Here are some pictures and even a little bath-time video if you have 2 min and 20 seconds on your hands to kill 🙂


Can’t forget my Ava and Ryan!

This one .. with the up close laugh on the right.  I love this one.

Loving, Laughing and Learning

The days with Vera are full.  Full of lots of love, laughter and learning.  We are getting into our routine and each day we have new experiences that I know we are both so very grateful for.

I know I have said it before, but I am just so happy.  I know that there were times along the journey that were really crappy.  Miscarriages, failed cycles, embryo’s that didn’t survive the thaw, and those things haven’t been forgotten or lost from my mind.  I do however believe they influenced who I am; as a sister, aunt, friend, coworker, family member and especially as a mother.

For those of you that are new followers, I had previously hidden the past 4 years of posts.  Mostly because I admit, I was paranoid it would affect my adoption in some way.  That the courts might think I settled on adoption and that is NOT the case at all.  I believe that the experiences of the past 4 years paved the road to leave me to Vera.  But, in the midst of the stress of adoption, you worry about everything.  Wanting nothing to jeopardize your efforts you sometime censor your words in posts.  Which is what I did by hiding those years.  Anyway, the posts will be back up by the end of this weekend.  There are a lot of posts, and I have to shut the blog down temporarily to reload them, but I will do it.  I also have a post running thru my head about the whole adoption experience, tips, thoughts, feelings, etc.  Let me prelude that I had THE BEST experience.  There were bumps and frustrations along the way, but if I stand back and take a look…  It went smoothly and quickly.  Any bumps were human error and it is hard to fault that.  Though in the process it can feel overwhelming.

OK OK, now some of the stuff you are probably itching for!  Vera news.  This weekend we decided to venture off to the pumpkin patch.  First we took out the stroller we got as a gift.  I needed to make sure I knew how to work it.  Vera got so excited to see it and hopped right in!  TOO CUTE.  Mommy figured it out and then we got dressed and loaded up the diaper bag and the Tahoe.  The pumpkin patch is about 10 min into town.  We got there and met up with my sister, John and the kids.  We rode the train and went on a hay ride.  Not appealing at all to Vera.  But, she did love the petting zoo.  There were goats and chickens.  The girl LOVED the chickens.  She calls them coo coo’s.  She touched them no problem.  She even petted some very mellow non biting/non aggressive goats.

Sunday was a stay at home day and we did just that.  We walked the neighborhood, wandered over to the park. Explored grass, and watched the kids swing.  It was a great day.  Lots of learning and laughing and having fun.  Monday night she asked for her Bottle.  I was rocking her to sleep and she had previously not wanted it, but mid-rock, she must have changed her mind.  It was great to hear and see her express herself.   On Tuesday morning, she was looking at her little camera that has a picture of a dog.  She brought it to me and pointed to the dog and said, clear as day, “Dog”.  YAY Vera!  No Mama or Mommy yet but she knows who I am and I am sure it will come.

She continues to improve each day.  She brushes her teeth no problem (this actually was never a problem with her).  Baths are better and she even enjoys the snuggles and the reassurances of love she gets after she is wrapped up in her towel afterwards.  She mumbles trying to repeat what I am saying, which is usually, “it’s okay Vera.  mommy loves you.  mommy loves you very much Vera.  mommy will always take care of you and never hurt or let anyone or anything hurt you”  Amazingly enough, she even ventured IN my bathroom while I was getting ready yesterday.  I was quiet surprised to back up to turn to check on her (I keep some toys in my bedroom so she can sit outside the bathroom and watch if she wants, but mostly play) and viola, she was standing right there behind me!

She is eating great.  For a few days it was like she was an endless eating machine, but she seems to know now that food is available and you don’t have to eat constantly as it will be there if needed.  She is drinking more so that is good too.  We will venture to Trad*er J*oes today and see if we can find some of the suggested goods there :-).  There happens to be one about 5 min from my house.

The biggest issue we have really is if she sees another child eating what she has (i.e. puffs) she does not want them to have it.  NOT.AT.ALL.  It’s like she thinks Puffs are just hers.  Now, I don’t know if this is a food thing or a sharing thing, because she is the same way with her toys.  When it is hers, it is hers.  No sharing with any kids.  Now, for the record the only kids that have actually played with Vera have been Ava and Ryan and Gio (my friends little boy who is about the same age as V) but her temper to hold on to hers is pretty intense and for the moment, I have asked the kids to be extra sharers and they have been and they are so good.  Anyone have insight on this?  Tips, etc???

Music and Dancing.  Vera loves both.  I love both.  We are a match made in heaven for sure.  As I mentioned before we watch a little baby ei*stien.  She is addicted to Animals on the Farm.  LOVES it.  Soon as the song “Old MacDonald” comes on.  She tries her darndest to sing it.  Here is a little (well long) video for your viewing pleasure.

Kids really are little learning machines.  She watches everything.  See mommy drink from her water bottle and put the lid back on.  She wants and does it too.  Stairs?  Mommy shows her two options for climbing.  One is crawling UP them and the other is holding the special little kid handrail I had installed.  She knows exactly what to do and when I say we need to go upstairs to change or do something.. off she goes as I follow behind!  Her weeble wobble house, well it has a button on it.  Each time you hit it different sounds come out.  The pattern on how to get the music sounds.. She has it figured out.  It is really amazing to watch her play and wonder how things work.  She was feeding her baby doll last night and I thought it was so sweet.  She is eager to reach the light switches to “help” mommy turn them off and on.  She stretches with all her might.  I bet in a month she will reach them.

I put her on the scale yesterday.  She was 22 maybe a wee bit over 22 lbs.  The Dr in Russia weighed her in at 21 lbs.  So she is putting on weight.  She has much more energy than when I first got her and I love helping her use it up.  We chase each other, we play blocks, we sing songs and she follows me to help me with laundry or dishes.  Before bed, we pick up toys together and put them in their place so we know where to find them the next morning.  I do however need to invest in a couple of more baskets.  She still hate stuffed animals.  I am hopeful that will change because my dad bought her the CUTEST hugest stuffed doggie.

Well, that is about it for now.  Mama is going to enjoy one more cup of coffee before Vera wakes up.  Oh!  A little on that and then I am done!  She has slept in her bed no problem since we have been home.  We rock, she sleeps, I put her down.  She wakes up anywhere between 7:30 until 8:30 in the morning.  One of my favorite things…. to listen to her breathe on the monitor.  LOVE the sound.. puts me to sleep each night ~

Happy Wednesday everyone!

One Week Home

Well Saturday night officially marked one week home, Kirsten texted me on Friday to get to posting so I figure I better post 🙂

First off, I want to say that this motherhood thing.  It seriously is the BEST ever.  I have never been so happy in my life.  This week, as Vera and play and laugh, I look at her and think “WOW, how lucky am I that I am her mom?  Wait, am I REALLY her Mom?  Is she REALLY mine forever? That’s right a judge in Stavropol Russia said yes and I am!”.  I pinch myself to make sure its real and then when that little sweet face looks up at me for more giggle time or another book to be read to her, I realize it is true.  I am exactly where I was meant to be.  It’s funny because the first few days I had her, I really felt like a phony.  Like the whole Mom N Me thing was a pretend game we were playing when others watched.  When we were walking thru the hotel, and I would refer to myself as her mother, mama, mommy, whether talking to her or someone else, I felt like the whole thing was pretend.  But now, after 7 days, I FEEl like a mommy and I FEEL like her mommy.  The whole experience, though just a 10 days ago, in ways feels like a lifetime ago.

Vera continues to do great.  She knows I am her mommy and our bonding continues to go well.  She looks to me for her needs.  She looks to me for comfort.  She wants me to hold her close and sing to her when she is tired.  If someone is in the room (i.e. my mom came for a little afternoon visit yesterday) she will watch them and may even stand close to see what they are doing (my mom was putting some non slip feet on a stool) but she will not go to anyone but me to be held.  I believe all of that is good.  I know everyone wants to hold and love on her, but everyone had been very understanding and patient that this is a good sign for her and I in the bonding arena.  And, they know, when she is comfortable and in time, she will feel comfortable in sharing hugs and letting others hold her.

So, some of our challenges that continue….  Bathrooms, Bathtime, Strange sounds like vacuums and toilet flushing.  Now, she has gotton better with the bathroom in that if I am in there using the restroom, she doesn’t cry anymore.  I have continued to reassure her that mommy is OK, she is just going potty, or I am just throwing the stinky diaper out (the diaper pail is in there both up and downstairs).  I know over time, this will get better.  Bathtime, well maybe we have a little less screaming than a week ago, but it is still NOT something she likes to do so we are working on it.  We had some good water play the other day and we will keep doing that every day.  Last night I realized that maybe I should buy a little tub for the counter to bath her on the kitchen counter (where we play with water) in hopes that will help.  I mean it doesn’t help that the bath is in the bathroom which she hates.

Noises, need I say more?  I mean the vacuum is LOUD but it is necessary.  I have been swiffering the hardwood instead and making just a few piles of stuff to vacuum, grabbing the handheld and sucking them up while she naps.  I do however have to vacuum upstairs this weekend so lets see how that goes.  I do remember to hold and comfort and reasssure her that everything is OK and mommy would never let anything hurt her and that does help her some during the 10 seconds of the handheld.  Plus I show her I am taking it out before I use it so she isn’t surprised or shocked.  I hope that is the right thing to do.

Food.  She has gotten so much better with food and is a great little eater.  It really is the cutest open mouth waiting for the arrival of food I ever saw.  The other day at lunch she was literally falling asleep for her nap in the highchair yet still opening her mouth for food.  I was a little worried she might choke and was going to stop, but she was adament to finish her lunch before she slept.  She will also feed herself pieces of food, like the diced fruit or bread I leave on her tray.  But her main meal is fed to her.  The only food issue I guess would be she doesn’t want any milk to drink.  So, I use milk in the morning to make her oatmeal so she gets some of its nutrients.  She presently only drinks water or apple juice.  We have used a bottle for bonding and I love it.  She was used to a bottle at the orphanage but the position she takes in my arms during feeding has become a little more nurturing and I LOVE this time together holding and talking and looking in her eyes.  Now, as for the non milk drinking, any suggestions on that parents????

Vera is showing so much more personality now.  It is so amazing to see her soul come to life!  I am in awe every day at how her smile and giggle can make my soul light up!  Things she loves…. MUSIC.  Any and all!  Our new song “Vera Had a Little Lamb” and her favorite song at the present, Old MacDonald.  She tries VERY hard to say E I E I O and Moo at the appropriate times.  She enjoys her weeble wobble house and spinning them on the floor.  She likes to read and will grab books and sit on my lap.  Mommy did get taught a lesson the other day.  Vera brought a  book to me to read and this book has animals with mouths that open and say Peek a Moo, or Peek a Quack Quack, whatever the appropriate sound for the animal.  Well, she likes ducks and the duck came up, and I went “quack quack quack” flapping the mouth and apparently moving the book too close to Vera’s face and well, that book is Now OFF LIMITs!  I felt terrible to scare her….  UGH!

What else, she loves watching and playing with her cousins Ava and Ryan.  I am considering finding a play group next month because it is clear she misses being around other little kids.  She enjoys walks thru the neighborhood.  We did Tar*get the other day and she did great.  After about an hour or so. she was done with the cart.  Luckily we were already on our way to the register to check out.

We will see the pediatrician the week after next.  I need to get all the paperwork organized for the visit.  I know blood will be taken and my heart breaks already knowing she will scream and cry.  BLAH.

She is starting to “show” me what she wants if I don’t know.  She will point and walk me there and I say the word and once we hit what her need is everyone is smily and happy.  She is enjoying Baby Einstein.  We wake up and watch it once together, then again in the evening.  When its time for medicine she takes it like a champ and diaper changes are a breeze.  She does get cold easily, so I have had the heat on a bit and I do layer her clothing some, nothing like the orphanage.  I think she is used to that.

Saturday we spent the day with my sister, brother in law and the kids.  Vera was excited to spend some time with her cousins.  The weather was great so running around and some sunshine were Dr orders so we complied.  In the evening as it was getting dark, the kids all went outside and ran ran ran.  It was a little nervewracking for me because she isn’t the most stable walker, but she never fell, even with me following behind!

For your viewing pleasure, some pictures from our water play fun.  I am working on a little slide show but gosh I bet I wont have it done for a month!  LOL