Things I Love about My Daughter

Vera is growing so quickly and I simply don’t want to forget anything about these special times.  I do a pretty good job of keeping up on my picture a day (see link to the right for all those pics).  It will be great to turn that into a book at the end of this year and do it all again next year.  I also try to make those lists of Vera’s milestones as I know it will be great to remember those details later on.  One thing that I have not done is make a list of the things I Love about my daughter.  So, here it goes:

  • I love Vera’s gentle and sweet nature with people and things.
  • I love how Vera shows compassion and concern with others.  If I say owe or sneeze or cough, she is running over to me to check on me or rub my back.
  • I love that she now calls me mommy.  At first I was hesitant but now I love it.
  • I love to hear her answer the questions asked by Dora when she watches TV.
  • I love the soft moan/grunt that she makes when she is drinking her nite nite bottle in my arms.
  • I love how she loves her cousins and never wants to leave them without offering up a hug.
  • I love how helpful she is.
  • I love her desire to learn new things.
  • I love how if I am dressed up, she wants to be dressed up.
  • I love how she notices if I buy new shoes, paint my toes a new color or wear something she has never seen.
  • I love her smile.
  • I lover her giggle.
  • I love how when I tickle her, it is the best thing in the world; and if others try, no laugh escapes her lips.
  • I love her sweet-smelling sweaty toes.
  • I love that after years of crazy ups and downs, losses and failures, I ended up being mommy to exactly who I was supposed to mother. God is good.



3 thoughts on “Things I Love about My Daughter

  1. I love that you are taking the time to make note of all of these wonderful little Vera-isms. The change in her since she came home to you never ceases to inspire me.

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