Fundraiser for Candice Nadine and MercyFound Ministries

OK Peeps….  If there are any mommies out there who are looking for holiday cards and want to support a GREAT cause, I have something for you!

I designed a few holiday card templates with Matroshka’s on them.  Two options here.  You can Purchase a template and I will create the jpg for you using any image you send me.  I will also adjust the text to read how you would like it.  Then, you can take to print on your own.  OR  You can purchase a template and I will also print up your cards for you.  Now, these are professional cardstock cards!  I sell these to my clients for $2.50 each and they don’t blink an eye as the quality is that good.  But for you all, I will print up the cards at $1.25 each.  ALL OF THE PROCEEDS will go to Candice and MercyFound Ministries.

Check out the site here and get your cards for a cause now 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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