The past few days and tips please!

The last couple of days have been stressful.  I was able to finally get the itinerary from the travel agent as well as the paperwork I needed in order to get my visa.  I drove to the Russian Consulate on Friday.  The are only open from 9-12pm.  I made it there at 11:50.  Waited for about an hour and then, after following the very detailed instructions on their website, approached the window with my papers in hand.  Everything was good and the nice Russian (might I add very good looking) gentleman handed me my receipt.  My Visa will ship out on Wednesday and should arrive to me on Thursday.  YAY.

I do have a few more paperwork items that just came up.  My homestudy agency needs to update some forms and notorized them.  Then of course I need them appostilled.  That means on Friday, yes Friday the day before I leave to Russia, I will be driving to the state capital first thing to get the forms appostilled for my trip. 

Besides that, it is just a matter of packing and picking up a few toys and snacks for the little one.  I am very excited and happy to be going.  Many moments I am just overwhelmed that this moment is here.  Finally here.  I always imagined how this moment would feel.  It feels similar to what I imagined but different more intense in ways that I hadn’t imagined.  This morning I was actually sick to my stomach and I am having a hard time composing myself as everything seems to make me cry.  In another post, I will walk thru all the feelings..

For now, I thought I would ask any adoption mom readers to maybe forward a few tips/hints for travel and the visit.  I get 3 days with my little one.  I am sure it will all  be a blur but within the blur, I would obviously like to make the most of my time with her.  One of my favorite blog moms whose son came home several months ago, gave me a ton of good information.  THANK YOU T!!  Also a fellow single mama H, who just got  back from her visit with her son, gave me a fantastic travel list!  Just thought I would pick some more brains.  I don’t think I can have too much advice.. can I?? 

So, for those of you unfamiliar with Russian International Adoption, here is a cliffs notes of what will happen.  I will go to visit my referral and officially accept her after we meet.  I get to spend 3 days with her.  I then fly home on Sat the 9th.  After that, I will be working on paperwork for court.  Once I send the information in, I will then wait for the judge to review and accept my paperwork.  If the paperwork meets the judges satisfaction they will assign a court date.  If the judge wants more information, I may need to collect more info.  Once a court date is established, I will fly out again.  I will go to court.  If the judge grants the adoption, there is a 10 day wait period.  After that 10 day wait period she will be all mine.  Then we travel home.  The time between my initial visit and court can be anywhere from 4-6 months. 

Until she is mine, I won’t be sharing any pictures.  I may post some pix after I return that do not show her face or anything.  But I will have to debate and think about how comfortable I am with that.  I can say this.  She is a cutie.  She is also a few months shy of  being 2 years old.  Did I mention her determined look?  Ya, she has one…

Alright.. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


13 thoughts on “The past few days and tips please!

  1. thank you for sharing the journey basics 🙂 I wasn’t sure if you were picking her up or not!

    I’m so excited for you and I can’t wait to see pictures from your trip (whether they include your little girl or not!) enjoy every moment of this!!

  2. I am so happy for you!!!!!! Alex is a very nice guy you will like him, also Vlad is a really good translator.

  3. Tracy, I’m so happy for you!~! BTW, I’m Russian (originally from Moscow), please e-mail me if you have any questions, if I might be of any help…our girls are very pretty:) Is she a blond? Most of us are blonds when we are little and then we get darker but usually have light eyes…Are you going to give her one American, one Russian name? Best of LUCK to you and your girl!

  4. Tracy I am so excited for you!! Safe journey!! Sending lots of prayers and good thoughts your way!

  5. Bubbles….my advice on what to bring…..they have tiny, little containers….so you don’t have to add the weight of a bit bottle in your luggage….what a exciting time… travels!

  6. Sounds like a lot of planning and stuff to do. Again I hope the trip goes smoothly and that everything is completed quickly.

  7. Hi Trac

    Just remembered something to add. I bought a Flip camera with 2 hours of recording time and it was so worth having. It is the size of a cell phone, has just one button to record and charges on your laptop. I have 2 hours of Baby Bird footage in high definition. I can see every little adorable detail.
    Thinking of you xox

  8. Delurking after a long time to tell you that I hope the very best for you and your sweet girl. Holding you two in my heart. Daisy

  9. I totally agree with “Heather” get video of your time together. During the time I was home from Kazakhstan before returning to get my son, I watched those little videos over and over. Your time over there will seem to be an alternate reality, the videos and photos help to confirm for yourself that it really has and is happening.
    Panic is normal,there seems to be so much you should have done while waiting but now have to race around doing, it’s okay breath you’ll get it done and ask friends and family to help, they would love to be a part of the process.
    Pack some food for yourself that you know you will eat, you will be so emotional and exhausted you will appreciate a little comfort food. And pack toys that move, make noises or flash lights, but take the batteries out before flight and bring extra batteries. Don’t worry about bringing toys for a younger child, your daughter hasn’t seen or played with it I’m sure and will love it.
    Also, take a baby’s photo album with photos of you and home and leave room for a photo of both of you to leave behind.
    Hope this helps.

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